Keeping moisture out of buildings is essential to the integrity and longevity of any exiting and planned structure. Water leaking through the roof, ventilation systems, windows, doors, walls or floors can wreak havoc on the entire building. Analyzing and planning for adequate waterproofing is an important part of the construction process.

Development of Waterproofing Plans for New Construction

New designs and materials require innovative thinking in making sure the building will be free of water infiltration. Flooding can cause delays in finishing the build itself and cost more money in replacing damaged materials than the budget allows. Make waterproofing an important part of the initial design.

Assist in Waterproofing Design Options for Rehabilitation of Older Buildings

Older buildings that are undergoing remodeling or rehabilitation might need some extra help in designing a waterproofing plan. Older building waterproofing requires experience in the methods and materials used in previous eras of construction. Choose an engineering service that has the proven trackrecord in this highly speciaized area.

Provide Sound Advice on Schematics and Plans

The beginning stages of planning should incorporate fundamental protections for the interior and structure of the building from weather and moisture. Take the time to have an expert look and see what might be the best route to take for your particular project.

Forensic Analysis to Determine Causes of Failure

When waterproofing is not done correctly there will damage to assess and a new approach taken to get it right. Experienced engineers can take a close forensic look at failures and see exactly what went wrong, whether it was improper materials, poor quality or bad workmanship. This can help you settle any disputes and get the project on the move again.

Troubleshoot Waterproofing Problems

When there is water infiltration and you cannot determine where an engineering service is your answer. An expert firm can troubleshoot the problem and help bring a viable solution to the table. You can continue with the project feeling more at ease about the whole situation.

Contact engineering experts like today and get your waterproofing problems solved in a hurry. It is time to take your project off the sidelines and get moving towards completion.