It did not take me much effort or time to look at apartments for rent in Henderson. I figured it may take a while, but all I did was a quick search online, and that is how I found the Edge Apartments. I was prepared to look at as many complexes that it took to find the apartment that is just right for me. I have never been one to settle, and I was not about to start with something this major. I did not have to do that at all with the apartment that I ended up getting though. It actually made me realize that I had been settling all along until this place!

First off, the apartment itself is so nice. I have never had an apartment with a bedroom this large, and all of the appliances were included. I have had some apartments in the past where the appliances were included, but they looked like they were one trip away from a junk yard. These appliances are all stainless steel, and the washer and dryer are the nicest ones I have ever used. The carpet feels wonderful, and the walk in closet is such a dream for someone like me.

There is also someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is not because they expect things to go wrong. Rather, they don’t want anyone to inconvenienced just in case something would happen. They are being proactive rather than reactive, and that is something that I can really appreciate. Another thing that is really nice is that there is reserved parking here. I don’t have to worry about parking several buildings over, which is something I have had to do on many occasions in the past. There is not a single thing that I don’t like about my new home!