Whether you are a new Real Estate Agent or you have been business for years, you will always be looking for ways to increase your number of listings and sales. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Do your research.

Make use of the computerized tools available from multiple listing services and town city records. Know everything you can about the sale prices and statistics for the area you work. When listing a home or business, search the property records for the price for which the property last sold. Also check all the current listings and recent sales for a mile in every direction. This will help you help sellers set a reasonable price for the area, as well as helping you find bargains for buyers and real estate investors.

Become a specialist.

Choose a type of listing or area to become your specialty. Put your efforts mostly into this genre of listing.  Try to become well known for that specialty. For example, you might become known for being the best person in the area for sales of “Downtown Commercial Real Estate,” or “Homes over 1 million dollars” in your town. If you put most of your efforts into that area, then you will eventually become the expert.

Team up with other agents and agencies.

Don’t rely on the multiple listing service alone, to do your networking with other agents. Establish actual personal relationships with other agents. Go out after hours and socialize with them. Become someone that they actually care about as a person. Don’t ever take advantage of other agents or no one will ever want to help you get a commision. Help others when they are in need and always be a person of your word. Create a team atmosphere among your peers. Remember that cooperation is always better than competition.

Look professional

Always dress appropriate at showings and be well groomed and attractive as possible. Try using an image consultant to help you get the right hairstyle and style of dress, which will look good with your own body and face. Take care about your appearance in public. If you work in the area where you live, don’t ever run to the store looking unkempt. You never know when you might run into a client.

Be good with communication

Keep in touch with all previous clients and potential clients you have shown properties. If you learn personal details, take note of them. If a client has a daughter graduating from college, send a congratulations note. Send birthday cards. Master the art of the “thank you” note, when someone does something nice. Show that you care about them as a person and they will remember you. They may not have chosen a house that you showed them, but they may recommend you to a friend.

Follow these tips and make them a habit.  Real estate careers are not a get rich quick scheme. They take time to grow and mature. Such good habits will succeed and make you a success.