My friends and family all chose different types of careers. I have family in the military, friends who are medical doctors and much more. The jobs they chose run the gamut from ones that require years of education to ones that don’t. I chose to go into an industry that most people know nothing about. My friends and family had no idea that you could even make a career in it. I learned from the National Apartment Association Education Institute about the apartment industry and all of the jobs available.

I am a property manager. One for apartments specifically. When I mention my work to someone, they often picture in their minds that I run an apartment building. Well, I do, but it is not a small place you might find in the suburbs. Plus, I manage several of them, and they are all in major cities. I manage high-end luxury apartments in places where the rent is more per month than some of my old friends make. When I first was learning about the apartment industry and the National Apartment Association Education Institute, I had no idea that there were positions out there to manage such places.

I first learned about it when visiting a friend in New York who lived in a very small apartment in Manhattan. He paid more for that space than I paid for owning two houses back home where we grew up. It opened my eyes to renting, and I thought I might like to be a landlord, especially since I already owned two homes. However, choosing to be a property manager for urban luxury apartment complexes worked out much better for me. I have a steady job, and it pays quite well. I still own the two houses back where I grew up, and I manage hundreds of apartments in several cities.