An Occasional Taste of Luxury is Nice

For vacations, I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to spend as little as possible, but one of my friends likes to go all out. He will fly to his destination on a first class flight, stay in a luxury suite, and eat at the fanciest restaurants. This year he wanted me to go with him to Greece, so I started planning my budget for the trip. My friend told me that he would pay for everything, so I didn’t have to budget, and that we would be staying in one of the Mykonos Villas for the entirety of the trip.

Although my friend was footing the bill for everything, I still was hesitant about spending as much as possible. I didn’t want to seem greedy. My friend picked just the right place, because it was certainly a luxury spot. The interior alone was enough to make my jaw hit the floor, but once I saw the pool outside, I nearly fainted.

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Being a Property Manager Was a Decent Career Choice for Me

My friends and family all chose different types of careers. I have family in the military, friends who are medical doctors and much more. The jobs they chose run the gamut from ones that require years of education to ones that don’t. I chose to go into an industry that most people know nothing about. My friends and family had no idea that you could even make a career in it. I learned from the National Apartment Association Education Institute about the apartment industry and all of the jobs available.

I am a property manager. One for apartments specifically. When I mention my work to someone, they often picture in their minds that I run an apartment building. Well, I do, but it is not a small place you might find in the suburbs. Plus, I manage several of them, and they are all in major cities.

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Affordable and in a Nice Area

When my husband came home from work talking about how we needed to research South Nashville apartments, I thought he’d gone mad. We live in Vermont. It turns out that he just got an excellent promotion at work, but that it would entail us picking up our roots and moving to Tennessee. The only thing I knew about Nashville is that it’s the center of country music. Still I thought changing locations would be great not only because of the significant bump in my husband’s paycheck but also due to living in much warmer climes. It can get pretty cold in Vermont.

Our first thought was locating a place in South Nashville as that would be close to his job.

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My New Home is Great

It did not take me much effort or time to look at apartments for rent in Henderson. I figured it may take a while, but all I did was a quick search online, and that is how I found the Edge Apartments. I was prepared to look at as many complexes that it took to find the apartment that is just right for me. I have never been one to settle, and I was not about to start with something this major. I did not have to do that at all with the apartment that I ended up getting though. It actually made me realize that I had been settling all along until this place!

First off, the apartment itself is so nice. I have never had an apartment with a bedroom this large, and all of the appliances were included.

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Relocating to a New Apartment in Florida

Florida is a great place to live. We have sunshine all year round. That’s why so many retirees come here to live. The weather is so agreeable. We actually have people of all ages who live here. I’d say it’s very diverse. That’s what makes it such a popular destination to live and to visit. Housing prices here can be really steep, and I’ve never tried to buy a home because of that. Instead, I’m looking for luxury apartments for Tampa FL. I want to move to a more modern place than where I currently live.

I’ve lived in my current apartment for 25 years. That’s a really long time. It could definitely use some upgrades. Rather than waiting for someone to come in and fix up the place, I think I’ll just start fresh.

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I Needed to Find a New Place to Live

I had hoped to buy the house that I was living in, but my landlord had other plans for it. After living there for 10 years, he told me that he was selling it to one of his friends who wanted to live there. I was heartbroken, but I am not one to feel sorry for myself when I cannot change something. I just take action, which is what I did in this situation. I went online to look for an apartment in Murfreesboro TN. That surprised me as much as it did anyone else, because I have never lived in an apartment before.

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