When my husband came home from work talking about how we needed to research South Nashville apartments, I thought he’d gone mad. We live in Vermont. It turns out that he just got an excellent promotion at work, but that it would entail us picking up our roots and moving to Tennessee. The only thing I knew about Nashville is that it’s the center of country music. Still I thought changing locations would be great not only because of the significant bump in my husband’s paycheck but also due to living in much warmer climes. It can get pretty cold in Vermont.

Our first thought was locating a place in South Nashville as that would be close to his job. Getting a house would be a priority, but we needed to move down there almost immediately and getting a house takes a lot more work. You don’t want to step into that decision quickly. So finding a luxury place to live, in a nice area, would be ideal.

Looking for living accommodations in a city hundreds of miles away is a chore! It’s hard when you can’t just drive up and go through an apartment. Fortunately a Google search turned up a place that looked absolutely adorable. Very luxurious indeed with a very modern vibe to it. Wide open spaces and wood floors. Plenty of room to move around and also hold most of our stuff so we didn’t have to put it into storage. I personally loved the place immediately just looking at the pictures, but still insisted we call and then go down there to have a serious look around. It was a long trip, but well worth the effort. It’s even better in person and we’re already locked in a deal. I’m more excited to move into this beautiful place than I was moving into our first home!